Sunday, August 29, 2010

Rava Dosa

Today our break fast is rava dosa, one of my favorite dosa.This is easy to prepare and can be prepared instantly as fermentation of batter is not required. There are many variations in preparing rava dosa batter.
I tried many of them but for me the following recipe never fails.Dosas will be crispy and can be lifted off easily from the pan.

Semiolina or sooji-1/2cup
Rice flour-1/2 cup
Plain flour-2tbsp
Ginger grated-1/2tsp
Green chillies-1 chopped
Cumin seeds-1tsp
Salt to taste


  1. Mix all the above ingredients with water. The batter should be thin.
  2. Heat pan and do the sizzling test(The water should be evaporated immediately when we sprinkle on pan).
  3. Pour the batter on pan from outward base in circular motion.Then fill in the gaps in the middle with dosa batter(Don't pour like a lump.Remember rava dosas are very thin when compared to normal dosa)
  4. Pour 1tbsp of oil in the edge to and 1tbsp of oil in the middle.(You have to use more oil for rava dosa).
  5. Increase flame to medium and cook dosas nearly for 4-5 minutes.Now increase flame to high and cook till dosa becomes crisp.(It will take nearly half  a minute)
  6. Serve with chutney of your choice.


  1. Some people will make to sit dosa batter for sometime but  I found that it was not necessary.The most important thing for these dosas is consistency of batter.One indication is that as soon as you pour batter on hot pan you will observe lot of holes.Always before pouring natter on pan stir it well with ladle as flour will get settled at the bottom.
  2. Adjust heat control according to your pan and cooking.
  3. You can flip dosa and cook on other side if you want.
  4. Remember these dosas will need more oil when compared to normal dosa

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