Wednesday, August 11, 2010


Posted by PicasaToday I prepared pesarakattu. This is my ammamma's(Grandmother) recipe who is a very good cook.On a rainy day I would like to have potato fry, hot hot pesarakattu in my meal along with rice.This is also good alternative for people who got bored with rasam,sambar,pappucharu.


Pesarappu(Moong dal)-1 small cup
Green chillies-2(Adjust to your taste)
Sambar powder-1tsp
Salt to taste
Red chilli powder-pinch
Lemon juice-1tsp
Cilantro leaves
Water-2-3 cups

For seasoning:
Mustard seeds
Cumin seeds
Red chillies-1
Curry leaves-Few

  1. Pressure cook moong dal till it is soft.
  2. Now add water along with all the ingredients except lemon juice and cook till it reaches a consistency.It should be not too thick not too watery.
  3. For seasoning add 2 tbsps of oil ,mustard seeds, cumin seeds in a separate vessel and let them splutter. Then add red chillies, curry leaves,asafoetida. As soon  as red chillies turn brown pour this into pesarakattu.
  4. Finish it off with dash of lemon juice.

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    sanju said...

    Hi sramanu,

    I am sorry for late reply.I am not sure about this. Aavu paalu meeda meegada raademo.Try curdling the milk.(Just add 2tbsp of yogurt in warm milk and ferment it). Even cream of yogurt is also very good for babies. If it is not possible try massaging with olive oil before nalugu.It is perfect for babies skin.

    Hope this helps