Thursday, September 9, 2010


Idli, one of the  most favorite breakfasts(At least for me)on this earth is easy to make and healthy because it don't need  oil and rich in proteins.What more you need to describe it as best breakfast?. Spring has started here and we are having warm days and cold nights. I am very happy for two reasons as I am sick of winter  and  in this warm weather the batter can be fermented quickly unlike in  winter where I have to wait for 2 days for batter to ferment and rise.

Urad dal(whole)-1cup
Idli rava-11/2cup
Salt to taste


  1. Soak urad dal and idli rava in water  seperately for 5-6 hours
  2. Now grind urad dal to fine paste by adding water.
  3. Wash idly rava 3-4 times and mix it with urad dal paste.
  4. Let the batter to ferment.(An indication that batter is well fermented is batter will rise and there will be lot of aeration in batter)ans add salt to batter
  5. Grease Idli trays with ghee and  pour the batter into trays in equal proportions and cook them in pressure cooker(Without whistle)o idli stand for 10-15 minutes.
  6. Serve with chutney or sambar


  1. Wash idli rava thoroughly.
  2. For softer idlis the batter should be fermented well.Batter will take less time to ferment in warm environment than in cold environment. In winter generally I keep the batter in oven(Switched off).
  3. Adding salt to batter before fermentation will effect fermentation

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