Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Thai Green Curry

Being a vegetarian I have very few options while trying different cuisines, but one cuisine which boasts of many vegetarian dishes is "Thai". "Green curry", "Red curry" and "Pad Thai" are very famous Thai dishes.Though "Pad Thai" is my favorite Thai dish,Green curry and  red curry are  equally delicious.Once we had Green curry at a take away,but to my palate it appeared very mild.So I decided to prepare it at home as per our taste and spice levels.In fact this green curry paste makes use of many spices and herbs which we use in our(Indian) cooking such as coriander seeds,cumin,coriander leaves and garlic.Believe me!this is fail proof recipe and you will simply love it.

Recipe source:here
Carrot chopped length wise into strips-1/2cup
Beans or snow peas chopped-1/2cup
Basil leaves-1/2cup
Sweet potato-1/2cup cubed
Red bell pepper-1small
Good quality coconut milk-1/2 can
Firm tofu-1/2pack made  into bite size pieces
Salt to taste

For green curry paste:
Coriander seeds-1tsp(Grind them to fine powder)
Cumin seeds-1/2tsp(Grind them to fine powder)
Soy sauce-11/2tbsp
Brown sugar-1/2tsp
Green chillies-2-3(Adjust to your taste)
Ginger-1/2 inch piece
Fresh coriander leaves-1/2cup(I used stems also)
Kaffir  Lime Leaves-2-3

  1. Par boil sweet potato, carrot,bell pepper and capsicum on stove top for 10 minutes.
  2. To make green curry paste,grind all the ingredients listed  in green curry paste.
  3. Heat oil in a pan and add green curry paste and fry for nearly 2 minutes..
  4. Now add coconut milk and tofu and stir until they are mixed well.
  5. Reduce flame to medium and simmer it for nearly 10 minutes with covered lid.
  6. Now add all the vegetables and cook for another 10 minutes.
  7. Add salt and mix well.(Do taste taste and add salt because soy sauce also contains salt.)
  8. Sprinkle with fresh basil leaves and serve over basmati rice or Thai jasmine rice.

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Priya (Yallapantula) Mitharwal said...

wow, I love thai curries too. The color has come out soooooooooo well :)